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Fervor Poultry Roaster - BBQ Union

Fervor Poultry Roaster


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Take a Fervor Poultry Roaster, a cup of your favourite drink (beer, cider, even Cola) and a plump chicken and you’re in for a delicious tasty treat.

The Fervor Poultry Roaster holds the bird in place while fats under the skin travel down the bird and baste the meat. Meanwhile the liquid in the pot steams and flavours the flesh from the inside out – reducing the cooking time and resulting in succulent, tasty flesh.

The Fervor Poultry Roaster also features wide handles for a secure grip so you can easily lift the chicken out of the roasting dish for carving.

Grab a second Poultry Roaster and the Fervor Roasting Dish and cook two birds together.


Dimensions 322 ml 
Materials 430 Stainless Steel

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