Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials
Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials
Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials
Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials
Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials
Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials
Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials

Gift Pack - Smoker Essentials


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This giftpack contains Fornetto Smoking Chips, Fornetto Wood Planks, a Fervor Bluetooth Thermometer, a selection of 3 Gourmet sauces by Saus.Guru (Smokey Americaine, Cacio e Pepe & Black Pepper), and a BBQ Recipe book by the one and only Jamie Oliver


Fornetto Cognac Barrel Smoking Chips (AH-SP-12)

The Cognac wood chips from Fornetto are made from oak cognac barrels from the wine region around the village of cognac in the southwest of France. Here the white grapes are pressed into wine and then processed into cognac after distillation and maturation in these oak barrels. By placing these smoke chips in the smoke box of your Fornetto oven, you give your product this unique and wonderful taste through the smoke.

Contains 400 grams

Fornetto Wood Planks Beech 2-Pack (SP-357)

Ideal for baking and smoking more delicate foods, this wood plank is a cooking essential. Simply soak, add food, then place directly in the oven, smoker, or grill with the door or hood closed. This easy-to-use plank not only delivers great results but can also be used to serve in a unique way.

Fervor Bluetooth Thermometer with 4 probes (Pro10-1)

The Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer takes the guesswork out of grilling and achieves precision results with perfectly cooked food. Fun and easy to use.

– Includes 4 Stainless Steel probes, 3 with silicone handles & 1 with aluminum high heat tolerant handle.
– Monitoring temperature range 0~300°C / 32~572°F
– Illuminated LCD display changes colour when reading against target temperature.
– Grill Clip to measure ambient temperature.
– Free smartphone ToGrill App
WARNING: use heat-resistant gloves to handle a hot probe.

Saus.Guru Smokey Américaine (SG122-4)

Saus.Guru’s Smokey Américaine Sauce is a true allrounder. Its both fresh and creamy character, with a touch of flame-grilled smokiness, make this sauce a real flavour bomb. Great for gourmet applications, BBQ, salads, hamburgers, hotdogs, pommes frites and many other meals and snacks. 

Saus.Guru Cacio é Pepe 250ml (SG124-4)

Inspired by the Italian classic pasta dish, Saus.Guru’s Cacio e Pepe (Cheese and Pepper) packs both Parmesan flavours and cracked Black Pepper. Use it cold, as a dip with a snack or with Gourmet, a great stew, or (winter) BBQ. Drizzle over a sandwich, (pasta) salad, or loaded fries, to add that WOW factor to any of your creations.

Saus.Guru Black Pepper Sauce 250ml (SG101-4)

Mango and Cinnamon are longtime flavor friends. The combination of both fresh & fruity, as well as warm & spiced flavors, make for a true WOW factor in any BBQ dish. Think chicken. Think pork. Thinks grilled halloumi. With Saus.Guru’s Mango Cinnamon Sauce you can step out of the comfort cooking zone and start impressing friends and family. The sauce is also great with grilled vegetables, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and snacks. Use it to marinate, grill or dip.


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