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Fervor Fish and Ribs Rack - BBQ Union

Fervor Fish and Ribs Rack


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Place directly on your Fervor barbecue, you can grill delicate whole fish or cook succulent ribs to perfection on the Fervor’s Multi Fish and Rib Grill Rack.

Grilling whole fish on your barbecue and getting them to the table in one piece is no easy feat. With Fervors Multi Fish and Rib grill rack has just got a whole lot easier.

Use the cutouts to position delicious sticky smoked ribs. Separating the ribs while grilling is going to allow for even cooking times and easier basting with your Everyday Basting Brush.

Grab a second Multi Fish and Rib Grill rack and the Fervor Roasting Dish and cook two fish together.


Dimensions 29 x 9 cm 
Materials 430 Stainless steel

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