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BarrelQ Original Big


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The BarrelQ Big is our Big Bang. The original. The first BarrelQ ever. An oil barrel turned into a BBQ. Besides a sturdy barbecue, it is also a fire pit, a design piece, an outdoor kitchen, and a side table. And it is very useful in its use.

The BarrelQ is also ready for use. You can start right away. No complications with screws, nuts, and bolts. Immediately fire it!


The BarrelQ is not just for barbecuing. You can also use it as a fire pit. Throw some wood into the basket and set it on fire. Great atmosphere and warm of course.

Side table:

The BarrelQ is a cool wanna have and it is multifunctional. It is not only a BBQ and a fire pit, but also a side table. Put the member on and you have a great table. How many beer bottles will fit?


Height 87 cm 
Diameter Barrel 57 cm
Diameter Grill Surface 47 cm

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