Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce- Gift Box

Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce- Gift Box


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Madame Jeanette pepper is a premium Habanero pepper hybrid. It is an essential ingredient in authentic Caribbean and South American cuisines, especially to those of, and close to, Surinam and The Antilles. 
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ is a Small Batch Hot Sauce Brand. The brand was acquired by Saus.Guru in 2020. Mme J. products are All Natural and Carefully Crafted by the Award Winning hot sauce specialists at Saus.Guru. All the brand's products are 100% Plant Based.



Word around the campfire is that, about two centuries ago, there was a young woman by the name of Madame Jeanette. She was a highly desired woman in the colonial region of (French) Guyana and adored by many a men, Pirates and Landlords alike, for her fiery yet “suave” reputation. It is believed that because of these characteristics this pepper got its name and, to this day, is still bearing it for it has the same properties: hot and highly desirable.

The Brand

The name and logo of Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce are both the personification of the mysterious woman whose legacy has been passed on by generations, as well as the embodiment of the pepper that has been cultivated for more than two centuries. 

The Pepper

It is the authentic Madame Jeanette pepper that is fundamental for the brand’s all natural and carefully crafted products. Its distinctive aroma truly elevates your food and warps you straight into the Caribbean vibe of deep blue seas, white beaches and sunny skies. 

The Culture

"Sin Pika Ta Piká", as Madame's tattoo reads, symbolizes the profound love for spicy foods in the Caribbean culture. It's Papiamento and it translates roughly to "Life without heat is a sin”, or “a waste” for that matter. You can interpret it in various ways but it all comes down to two things: to enjoy life to the fullest and to never waste an opportunity to intensely enjoy your food. Happy cooking!  

Spec-savvy info

Madame Jeanette pepper is a member of the Habanero family, botanically known as the Capsicum Chinense family. 

The heatlevel of this pepper typically ranges from 150.000 to 350.000 Scoville, depending on factors like sun time and soil compositions, moment of harvest and temperature levels at the time of harvest. 

The pods of this type are asymmetrical and always ripen to yellow. 

All our peppers are biologically grown under highly certified food safety standards: Global GAP, GRASP, IFS Food, Skal Bio & PlanetProof and processed into sauce under one of the world’s leading Food Safety standards FSSC22000 by Lloyds Registers. 

Are Madame Jeanette’s Products for you? Read our products background.

Mme Jeanette peppers are loved because of their distinctive pleasurable aroma. It is best described as: zesty, pungent and fresh with lemon-y notes, a touch of mango and pineapple and hints of black peppercorns.

Fans of Madame Jeanette peppers are usually not just looking for extreme heat and pain caused by capsaicin in their foods. Instead they are true connoisseurs and admirers of the sophisticated aroma mentioned above. 

Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ products, or Mme J’s products for short, are salsa’s made using only natural ingredients. Using fresh peppers harvested throughout each season each batch may slightly differ from one another. Like the vintages of high-end wines differ; it’s part of the charme. 

Mme J’s products are salsa’s based on local heritage recipes. Back in the days when these salsa’s were created the cooks, often mothers, had not much to work with. During a time when agriculture did not yet offer much other than what could be locally grown, they had to be creative to be able to conserve their foods in a way that these products also provided flavor to their cooking. This is why Mme J’s products contain just a few ingredients. They are based on pure and humble ingredients like sweet onions, vinegar, sweetness, salt and one or two other products. 

Mme J’s products are salsa’s based on the old production methods going back to the roots of the (is)lands natives and the age of the world’s most famous explorers and pirates. Back then there were only natural preservation techniques to ensure the safety of foodstuffs during their often long journeys without refrigeration. The right amounts of salt, sweetness and acidity are fundamental for both the flavors of Mme. J’s condiments as well as their shelf life. 

Mme J’s products are meant to serve alongside a wide variety of meals without attracting too much attention to themselves, but rather add to the whole experience of your meal or snack in a balanced and sophisticated way. 

Mme J’s products are all applicable to diets like veganism and vegetarianism, plus they are Halal approved. 

Mme J’s products are great with all kinds of Caribbean and South American foods like Roti, Pastei, Pom and any Surinam style baguette. Great with meals with Fish, Meats and Vegetables, all forms of Rice dishes and any Bean-, Beef-, Chicken- or Lamb stew. Delicious with all kinds of Soups and Chowders and sandwiches carrying anything from Peanut Butter and all kinds of Cheese to whatever your favorite bread-topping is and what not. Plus many, many like the above mentioned and more…

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