Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials
Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials

Gift Pack - Fervor Essentials


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This gift pack contains a Fervor Everyday Roasting Dish, Fervor Everyday Poultry Roaster, Fervor Small Grill Topper, and Fervor Roasting Rack. Everything you need to get everything out of your Fervor Gas Grill!


Fervor Everyday Roasting Dish (E03)

Perfect for use both outdoors and in, Fervor’s Everyday Roasting Dish is your new must-have kitchen accessory. With a generous sized 1.1 gallon / 4 liter dish, the Everyday Roasting Dish is ideal for roasting meats and vegetables right on your Fervor gas grill barbecue. It’s also perfectly sized for all kinds of baked dishes in your kitchen oven. Use the silicone lid to seal the dish and you’ve got the perfect vessel for marinating, storing, or protecting foods.

Partner with the Fervor Grill Topper, or the Poultry Roaster and explore even more tasty possibilities.

Fervor Everyday Poultry Roaster (E13.FVR)

Take a Fervor Poultry Roaster, a cup of your favourite drink (beer, cider, even Cola) and a plump chicken and you’re in for a delicious tasty treat. The Fervor Poultry Roaster holds the bird in place while fats under the skin travel down the bird and baste the meat. Meanwhile the liquid in the pot steams and flavours the flesh from the inside out – reducing the cooking time and resulting in succulent, tasty flesh. The Fervor Poultry Roaster also features wide handles for a secure grip so you can easily lift the chicken out of the roasting dish for carving.

Grab a second Poultry Roaster and the Fervor Roasting Dish and cook two birds together.

Fervor Everyday Small Grill Topper (M67.FVR)

Stainless steel small size grill baskets, open grill design for enhanced real BBQ flavour. Great for grilling small delicate foods such as seafood and vegetables. Use seperately on the grill or combine with the Fervor Roasting Dish to boil vegetables, saute seafood and more.


Fervor Everyday Roasting Rack (E14)

Fervor’s multi-purpose Roasting Rack lets you roast, skewer, and serve. One stylish product – lots of useful ideas. Stand on its feet and you have an elevated roasting rack that lets fats and oils drip away from the meat – perfect for healthier roasting. Turn upside down and use the cutouts to position delicious sticky smoked ribs. Separating the ribs while grilling is going to allow for even cooking times and easier basting with your Everyday Basting Brush.

With the Fervor Roasting Rack upside down, take the six metal skewers (12.4 inches / 315 mm long) and create your own kebabs using a combination of meat and/or vegetables. The slotted edge design holds your skewers in place meaning even cooking and easier basting. Featuring our Fervor Boomerang design on the handles, the Kebab Skewers are easy and safer to turn – sitting clear of the hot flames of the cooking area.

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