De Fik Erin Braairub No. 3

De Fik Erin Braairub No. 3


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Here it is! Asking for a beef rub? You'll get one!

The Braairub No. 3 has a strong flavour because of the combination of various spices and crushed coffee beans. This boosts your meat! Delicious on short ribs, brisket, chuck roast and pulled beef.

Everyone agrees that the perfect piece of beef usually does not need more than just some freshly crushed pepper and a pinch of salt, but if you want to boost your Picanha, Bavette or Ribeye, this Braairub no. 3 is your partner in crime.

Also delicious to use on a steak. Make sure to flip it on time! The sugars in this rub can burn due to direct heating.

Even though this is a beef rub, it works perfectly with pork, deer or any other wild meat,



Sugar, herbs and spices (funugreek, cumin seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, CORIANDER, nigella seeds, pepper, garlic powder), salt, crushed coffee.

 Contains 200 grams

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