Gift Pack - Sauce Lover
Gift Pack - Sauce Lover
Gift Pack - Sauce Lover
Gift Pack - Sauce Lover
Gift Pack - Sauce Lover
Gift Pack - Sauce Lover

Gift Pack - Sauce Lover


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This gift pack contains a selection of three sauces by Saus.Guru, a De Fik Erin Braairub No. 1, Jeremy's Relish Red Hot, and a BBQ cook book by Jamie Oliver. This is the ultimate gift for those that would like to discover new flavours.


Saus.Guru Royal Umami 250 ml (SG108-4)

The relatively young concept of ‘Umami’ has always been key in food enjoyment. The 5th flavor, as we now call it, is responsible for the ‘depth’ in any dish. Saus.Guru’s Royal Umami Sauce is based on Korean Cuisine which has a strong connection with fusing cooking. This is why this sauce is good in almost any recipe to boost flavor. It adds many layers to your taste experience. Add it to marinate, grill, or dip meats, poultry, vegetables, or fish. Either steamed, grilled, woked, roasted, or stewed. 

Saus.Guru General TSO 250 ml (SG106-4)

General TSO Chicken is a ‘world famous’ dish in the U.S.. How it became so popular there no one really knew until this sauce got his own investigative Netflix Docu. Saus.Guru’s General TSO Sauce is made with the traditional ingredients used in this dish. Packed with flavor you can now make this popular dish at home. It also marries perfectly with a wide variety of other gourmet applications like roasted veggies, BBQed pork belly, crunchy salads, fusion hamburgers & hotdogs, bánh mì and many other meals and snacks. Use it to stew, wok, marinate, grill or dip.

Saus.Guru Bumbu Bali HOT 250 ml (JR-01)

A saucy version of a ‘bumbu’, which normally is a heavy paste. Saus.Guru’s Bumbu Bali Sauce is ready to use. But be careful, when we say HOT, we kinda mean it. This sauce mirrors the traditional flavors used in Indonesian cuisine. With a Saus.Guru twist we have created a perfect blend of herbs, spices, coconut and added fresh chili pepper to the party. It pairs deliciously with many kinds of meat and fish. Use it to stew, wok, marinate, grill, dip or drizzle over boiled eggs (traditional), steamed veggies and rice.

De Fik Erin Braairub No.1 200 grams (DFI-1)

A unique rub that works deliciously on pork, chicken, lamb and fish. Use it through the 'bobotie'  (or any other oven dish), curry, or even on your ommelette. Braairub No.1 is a versatile mix of spices which can be used as dry rub as well as a addition to numerous dishes.  When your meat is rubbed and placed onto your braai, oven, kettle, kamado or smoker, you will smell the delicious scent of Braairub No. 1.

Jeremy's Relish Red Hot 300 grams (SG109-4)

Jeremy's RELISH is carefully prepared with many fresh ingredients, which together with the “sour” ensure the perfect balance of taste. The RELISH is completely vegan and has a Nutri-Score B or C. The fresh character of the Jeremy's RELISH  almost bursts out of the jar. The consistency of the fruits and vegetables in the RELISH makes it easy to dose with a spoon.

Jeremy has created three characteristic flavors of RELISH in three fresh colors of red, yellow, and green that really complete your dish. Each color guarantees a recognizable taste and specific ingredients in the leading role.

This is Jeremy's RELISH Red Hot. Seasoning with bell pepper, papaya, pineapple, white cabbage, ginger & chili pepper

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