Optimally enjoy your BBQ with Fervor Tools

Optimally enjoy your BBQ with Fervor Tools

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In one of our previous blogs we have already introduced you to Fervor. The specialist in gas grills. We have shown you the Ranger series of gas grills and we have given you the opportunity to take a sneak peek at the Fervor range of accessories. However, we have not shown everything yet... Today we proudly show you the Fervor tools! 

Australian Excellence

That's what Fervor stands for. Aussie-style grilling is known the world over. But, what is that Australian Excellence?

The barbecue is a huge tradition in Australian culture, with friend and families gathering while sharing the food over a glass of ice-cold beer or wine. The tradition began in the early 1900s. It wasn't until the 1950s that the idea of a private BBQ in outdoor kitchens caught on, and it did not take long until Garth (the organization behind Fervor) brought it gas grills on the market. Their goal? To produce quality products that were affordable for everyday families. 

And that is what Fervor has been doing over the past 50 years. Providing their customers with the most innovative products and designs at the most affordable prices.

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BBQ Accessories

The barbecue - or barbie as the Australians like to call it - is key in their BBQ culture. However, with the right tools, you can cook almost anything on a barbecue. While a good tong and spatula will help you master your flipping technique, it also important to treat your barbie like it's your best mate. Let's introduce you to some of our Fervor accessories, available at BBQ Union.

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Fervor Barbecue Tools

Covers, pizza stones, grilling tools, cleaning tools, roasting accessories or rotisseries. Fervor has all sorts of accessories. Some that may not lack in every BBQ stash are the tools. 

Fervor BBQ Spatula

BBQ Spatula

How can you flip your burger without a spatula? Right! That's impossible. This stainless steel self supporting BBQ Spatula has a thermoplastic rubber hand grip. The spatula features a serrated edge and cutting blade. It's handle has an ideal length to use for all types of outdoor grilling 

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fervor bbq tongs

Fervor BBQ Tongs

Whenever a spatula does not help you flipping your food, tongs could do the job for you. These Fervor BBQ tongs are also made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-friendly. It's opening and locking mechanism will make life much easier. 

The other good news is. We have heaps in stock!

fervor silicone brush

Fervor Silicone Brush

Tired of messy hands while spreading oil or marinade onto your food? Try using this Fervor Silicone Brush instead. It's silicone bristles are flexible and reach all the spots on your food.

Check it out!

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