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Fire To The People With BarrelQ

This week's blog is all about our most robust and industrial charcoal BBQ, BarrelQ. These cool-looking barrel grills are made out of REAL oil drums (completely safe of course!). The BBQs and accessories from BarrelQ are made to serve any charcoal grill master. Fire to the people!


BarrelQ Original

It all starts off with a basket where you put charcoal or briquettes in. Put it on the grid and start grilling! However, the BarrelQ is not just a barbecue. No, throw some wood in the basket, lit them and in no time your BarrelQ has turned into a fire pit. Still looking at a different way to use the grill? Place the lid on the barrel and you'll have am awesome side table. Big enough to fit your beers on it. 

The BarrelQ comes in two sizes. Big (200 litres or 87x57 cm) and its little brother/sister Small (58x40 cm)

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BarrelQ Accessories

Go for the complete BarrelQ experience with the accessories. All made to optimally enjoy the BBQ season using a BarrelQ. From leather aprons to show that you're the chef to rotisseries to roast a chicken. BarrelQ is there for the masters of the flames. 

barrelq teppanyaki plate

BarrelQ Teppanyaki Plate

Konnichiwa! We often do not link the Japanese kitchen with charcoal BBQs. However, BarrelQ is where these cuisines meet. Add a teppanyaki plate to your BarrelQ Original Big. This grill plate is made for grilling vegetables, meat and fish, and no oil is required!

BarrelQ Cover

Of course you can use the BarrelQ throughout the year. However, when you don't use your precious charcoal grill. Make sure to treat it like your own child. Protect your BarrelQ with the BarrelQ Big Cover or with its little brother/sister BarrelQ Small Cover. Protect your grill against the toughest weather conditions.

There are lots of accessories ready to be discovered by you! Check out the full range of BarrelQ Accessories!

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