Discover Fornetto. Mediterranean cooking and smoking

Discover Fornetto. Mediterranean cooking and smoking


Buon giorno! Let's introduce you to one of our beloved brands - Fornetto. Fornetto, which literally means oven in Italian is the brand for smokers and accessories. Become a home chef with the Fornetto Razzo, Basso or their range of accessories.

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Fornetto Smokers

Let's kick off with the Fornetto range of smokers. But wait... Fornetto smokers are not only meant for smoking. Not at all, use the Fornetto Razzo or Basso for Smoking, roasting, steaming or even as BBQ! Add or remove sections to transform quickly into a larger or smaller smoker.

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Fornetto Razzo

The Fornetto Razzo Smoker is a highly versatile, modular vertical smoker made from quality materials. The 18” Smoker comes in a choice of sleek black or rich red, whilst the 22” version comes in black only. The body has an enamelled steel exterior which helps to retain valuable heat and is supported on sturdy, stable tripod feet. Each module has large side handles so can be easily positioned, fitted, and secured with strong clips.

Dials allow air into the fire chamber and the dial on the hood draws the heat and smoke upward through the oven chamber. Access doors enable you to monitor the cooking of food and allow you to top up fuel in the fire basket and water in the water bowl without the need to dismantle the unit. All dials and handles are heat-resistant silicone.

You can monitor the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit with the thermometer built into the lid and small holes near the access doors allow digital probes to be inserted into the different sections without letting the heat or smoke escape.

The modular design permits you to easily transform the smoker by adding or removing sections. Similarly, with different cooking methods available to you, depending upon the configuration, you can smoke, roast, steam, or barbecue.

Complete with high-quality 304 stainless steel cooking baskets, grill grid, and hooks so you can cook anything from joints of meat, poultry, ribs, sausages, cheese, and fish to name but a few!

Check out the Fornetto Razzo in Red too!

Fornetto Accessories

To Master The Flame and get the most out of your Fornetto vertical smoker and oven you can rely on quality BBQ accessories and tools, specifically designed for the pitmaster at heart. From tools to smoking chips to baking stones and covers. With Fornetto accessories you will be able to completely enjoy the outdoor cooking season.

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