Discover Fervor's GrillSmart Barbecues. Smart Grilling At Home.

Discover Fervor's GrillSmart Barbecues. Smart Grilling At Home.

We have mentioned the concept of GrillSmart a few times before. The oil management system that comes with the range of Fervor Gas BBQs. Sounds interesting but what is it actually? Today we explain GrillSmart and tell you why it is good for your grill but also better for you!

What is GrillSmart?

GrillSmart – the name actually reveals its whole purpose. A smart way of grilling. All Fervor Gas BBQs are equipped with this technique of oil management. The GrillSmart cooking plates have been specially designed to allow for the easy redirection and drainage of heated fats and oils as they are released from foods during the cooking process.

Discover the Fervor Ranger series with GrillSmart.

What makes GrillSmart better than other grills?

The grills on a Fervor Ranger are angled to channel the fats and oils down the grooves in the grills into the waste cup which is easily accessible to empty and clean. This method ensures that excess fats and oils leave the grill and do not end up being absorbed into your foods. This makes GrillSmart not only easy to use but also healthier than regular grills while remaining the delicious taste.

So, great tasting food, reduction in flare ups, and best of all, Fervor Barbecues are easier to clean thanks to this innovative breakthrough in BBQ design.

Here’s a video that explains GrillSmart in 60 seconds! Short, clear, easy to understand!

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