Discover Fervor. Grilling with Australian Excellence

Discover Fervor. Grilling with Australian Excellence

Oi mate! This week we highlight one of our brands; Fervor! This brand has come all the way from down under to make sure you can experience the Aussie BBQ culture. Discover the Fervor range of gas BBQs and all of their accessories. 

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Fervor Ranger series

The Fervor ranger is the perfect gas grill for those that require a full featured grill that comes in multiple sizes. All Fervor grills are built with the outdoor chef in mind, as the barbecue comes as standard with a glass viewing window so you can keep an eye on your food whilst it's cooking.

What makes Fervor Ranger stand out from other gas BBQs is Grillsmart. This oil management system with enamelled cast Iron grills directs fats and oils away from food during cooking for healthier great tasting food, reduced flare ups and a cleaner barbecue.

The 2-burner (Fervor Ranger 210) has a compact grill surface but is still large enough to cater for a family for up to 6 persons. 
The ideal size for the average family is the Fervor Ranger 310. Powerful and large enough to easily grill for up to 10 people at a party
Want a bigger grill surface? Try looking at this Fervor Ranger 410. With this gas grill you will be able to cater up to 12 people.
Still not big enough? Perhaps the Fervor Ranger 610 is the perfect gas grill for you. This is the outdoor entertainer dream machine. Big enough to handle large outdoor gatherings.


Fervor Accessories: Everyday Range

Make the most of your BBQ with the variety of Fervor accessories. Especially the everyday range is definitely something your should look into. I hear you thinking... but can I use my Fervor everyday? Of course you can. A Fervor ranger is much more than an ordinary gas grill. 

Use the Fervor Roasting dish to store your veggies, roast your meat and combine the roasting dish with the other accessories from the Everyday range. Use a poultry roaster (or two) inside the roasting dish to make sure the lovely flavours from your chicken do not get wasted. Or roast your fish on the Fervor Ranger with the Multi fish and ribs rack. 

 In short, there is enough to discover from Fervor. Make sure to check out all our Fervor products here.

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