Discover Asian Flavours with Saus.Guru

Discover Asian Flavours with Saus.Guru asian collection

What kind of sauce do you normally buy for a BBQ? Our guess is that there is an original BBQ sauce, garlic sauce and satay sauce on the table for sure. Now, we are curious if you dare to risk and smoke your guests or family table with it. We are going to introduce you to the Asian Collection from Saus.Guru. logo

Who is Saus.Guru

It all started back in 2015. Two professional Dutch chefs, both having earned their stripes within the culinary business, jumped into a new adventure by starting a small batch sauce producing company. Their goal was to bring new and big flavours to the market using both conventional and unconventional ingredients. These are based on their extensive experience in high-end cooking and the cultural influences brought back from their many faraway & exotic travel adventures. This led them to create the most mouth-watering, tongue-tingling taste combinations not seen before. After a few months, a variety of sauces started to come out of their kitchen. From this moment, Saus.Guru was born. Rapidly growing in just a few years the brand currently carries a 50+ counting product collection and serves over 1400 selling points in 11 countries serving retail, food-service and industrial clients.

Umami BBQ Cuisine

Key aspect in the uprising of the flavours from the Far East is their vast understanding of flavours, how they interact with the tong and the registration of them by the mind. Umami – A loanword from the Japanese (う ま 味), umami can be translated as “pleasant savoury taste”. A category of taste in food (besides sweet, sour, salt, and bitter), corresponding to the flavour of glutamates. Hannah Goldfield (The New Yorker) defines it as “that deep, dark, ‘meaty’ intensity that distinguishes soy sauce, ripe tomato, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, and mushrooms, among other things. It hits the back of your throat and leaves you craving more”.

Umami is added to a recipe when you want something to taste like itself, only WAY better. To add depth. To add WOW! By researching the science of flavours, especially of those found in Oriental cuisines, we have managed to compose our Asian Collection recipes in a similar way. In addition to this, we use Fusion techniques to blend cultures and flavours in a way that make them at the same time both authentic and unique. asian collection complete range

The Collection

Saus.Guru’s Royal Umami Sauce is based on Korean Cuisine which has a strong connection with fusing cooking. Therefore, this sauce is good in almost any recipe to boost flavour. It adds many layers to your taste experience. Add it to marinate, grill or dip meats, poultry, vegetables, or fish. Either steamed, grilled, stir-fried, roasted or stewed.

Saus.Guru’s Spring Roll Sauce is based on Thai Cuisine that traditionally serves the fresh kind especially during Spring celebrations. The ingredients of this sauce resemble the fresh and vibrant flavours this bright new season offers. It packs a carefully selected assortment of citrus, herbs, and spices. Also delicious with steamed buns, rissoles, prawns, and fish. Use it to stew, marinate, wok, to dunk in your sushi or drizzle over chicken wings, roasted pork, or a crunchy salad.

Saus.Guru’s Goma Dressing is made with classic ingredients like miso, soy, and sesame. It pairs superbly well with any kind of vegetable salad but is also monstrously delicious with steamed fish and rice. Use it to drizzle over poke bowls, noodle salads and roasted chicken wings.

Saus.Guru’s Tokio High Sauce was created to serve you in making the best Teri and Yaki. The word ‘teriyaki’ derives from the nouns teri (照り), which refers to a shiny layer (タレ), and yaki (焼き), which refers to the cooking method of grilling or broiling. It pairs deliciously with fish, prawns, chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables. Use it to stew, wok, marinate, grill, dip or drizzle.

Saus.Guru’s Bumbu Bali Sauce is ready to use. But be careful, when we say HOT, we kind of mean it. This sauce mirrors the traditional flavours used in Indonesian cuisine. With a Saus.Guru twist we have created a perfect blend of herbs, spices, coconut and added fresh chili pepper to the party. It pairs deliciously with many kinds of meat and fish. Use it to stew, wok, marinate, grill, dip or drizzle over boiled eggs (traditional), steamed veggies and rice.

Saus.Guru’s Magic Five Sauce is based on the ‘Wonder Powder’ known as 5-Spice. Believed to have originated in China, this powder was made to boost all these elemental flavours sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty. As a result, this sauce has a well-balanced palate that lifts all kinds of meats and veggies to the next level. Think spareribs, grilled chicken and (pulled) pork. All classic applications. The sauce is also great with grilled vegetables like carrots and beetroot. Use it to stew, wok, marinate, grill, dip, or drizzle.

Saus.Guru’s General TSO Sauce is made with the traditional ingredients used in this dish. Packed with flavour you can now make this popular dish at home. It also marries perfectly with a wide variety of other gourmet applications like roasted veggies, BBQ'ed pork belly, crunchy salads, fusion hamburgers & hotdogs, bánh mì and many other meals and snacks. Use it to stew, wok, marinate, grill or dip.

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