Gift Pack - Rub it in!
Gift Pack - Rub it in!
Gift Pack - Rub it in!
Gift Pack - Rub it in!
Gift Pack - Rub it in!
Gift Pack - Rub it in!

Gift Pack - Rub it in!


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This gift pack contains a selection of two Braairubs by De Fik Erin (No. 3 & No. 4), two sauces from the Pitmaster Collection from Saus.Guru, a jar of Jeremy's Relish Green, and a BBQ book from Jeremy's Relish.


De Fik Erin Braairub No. 3 (DFI-3)

Here it is! Asking for a beef rub? You'll get one! The Braairub No. 3 has a strong flavour because of the combination of various spices and crushed coffee beans. This boosts your meat! Delicious on short ribs, brisket, chuck roast and pulled beef.

Everyone agrees that the perfect piece of beef usually does not need more than just some freshly crushed pepper and a pinch of salt, but if you want to boost your Picanha, Bavette or Ribeye, this Braairub no. 3 is your partner in crime. Also delicious to use on a steak. Make sure to flip it on time! The sugars in this rub can burn due to direct heating.

Even though this is a beef rub, it works perfectly with pork, deer or any other wild meat,

De Fik Erin Braarub No. 4 (DFI-4)

Its main ingredients (South African Rooibos and Sumac) ensure the flavour bomb of herbs. Thereby a nice Braairub to add to your assortment!

Braairub No. 4 does not contain any sugar. Therefore this rub is perfect to use for dishes that require a lot of heat. Braairub No. 4 is versatile! It's delicious on anything! Pork, fish, beef, vegetables and even fish

Jeremy's Relish Crispy Green (JR-03)

Jeremy's RELISH is carefully prepared with many fresh ingredients, which together with the “sour” ensure the perfect balance of taste. The RELISH is completely vegan and has a Nutri-Score B or C. The fresh character of the Jeremy's RELISH  almost bursts out of the jar. The consistency of the fruits and vegetables in the RELISH makes it easy to dose with a spoon.

Jeremy has created three characteristic flavors of RELISH in three fresh colors of red, yellow, and green that really complete your dish. Each color guarantees a recognizable taste and specific ingredients in the leading role.

Saus.Guru Champions Choice Sauce 500 ml (SG074)

Flavor elements that have been so familiar in the BBQ scene for decades: tomato, mustard, smokiness, honey, and roasted pineapple. A real all-rounder with a wide range of uses and a high comfort zone for most BBQers. It is also an excellent marinade for sous-vide preparations. The enzymes in the pineapple break down tough meat parts, which makes the meat wonderfully tender. Perfect to use as a glaze or as gravy with pulled products.

Saus.Guru Black Mojo Sauce 500 ml (SG077)

At first sight a deep black sauce with flavors of black garlic, vanilla, and coffee. The black currants in this sauce are the fruity counterpart of the aforementioned deep, rich flavors and also provide the Mojo (Magic) in this sauce: Namely, the deep red color (from the skin of the berries) that the sauce shows during preparation. Together with the matching Dry Rub, this makes for a magnificent bark. An exquisite sauce that fits beautifully with beef cuts such as Brisket and Short Ribs. The use of coffee in sauces/marinades is very trending in the BBQ scene 2020.

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