Grilling 101 - Beginners guide to barbecue Part 1

Grilling 101 - Beginners guide to barbecue Part 1


Spring has sprung, summer is coming closer, it is the perfect opportunity to purchase your first barbecue. Little to no experience? That definitely doesn’t matter, with this beginner's guide, everyone can become the ultimate pitmaster. Because one thing is guaranteed: everyone can grill! All it takes is some knowledge about different types of barbecues, which tools to use, and how to grill the juiciest and most delicious barbecue meals. In Part 1 we will introduce you to the different types of barbecues. Let’s get started!

Different types of grills 

The first question to think about is what type of grill suits you best? There are two types of grills that are most common: gas and charcoal grills. Let us take you on a deep dive to the different variants. 


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Charcoal grills 

Are you a fan of the smoky barbecue taste? Then a charcoal grill is definitely a perfect match for you. It’s an affordable and portable barbecue as you can easily use it in your backyard or take it with you while camping. Just simply add some charcoal, fire it up and start grilling. For instance, take a look at our BarrelQ charcoal barbecue, a multifunctional grill that can be used not only for grilling but also as a side table or fire pit to roast the best marshmallows. 

Gas Grills

If you are able to manage the gas supply of a stove, then a gas grill is the ideal match for you.  Operating with burners that allow you to turn the grill on, and off and turn the heat up or down. A gas grill heats up quite quickly allowing you to serve the food on the table fast. A powerful barbecue that is normally big enough to cook for your whole family. Normally the gas barbecues are a little bit higher in price but have long durability, except for our Fervor gas barbecue. We provide a high-quality, solid and robust yet affordable gas grill for everyone. It contains features such as simple knobs for controlling the heat settings, a built-in thermometer and a ‘Cool Touch’ roasting hood handle. 

sfeerfoto Fervor barbecue 
Sfeerfoto Fornetto Smoker

Bullet Smokers

If you have limited space in your backyard or balcony then a bullet smoker could be the one for you! They are nice and compact, can fit onto the smallest patios, and are relatively easy to learn how to use. The smoker provides steady heat at a constant temperature for long periods, which is great for smoking lamb, pork, beef, and chicken. Take a look at our Fornetto Razzo, a multifunctional smoker that has a modular design that permits you to easily transform the smoker by adding or removing sections. Depending upon configuration, you can smoke, roast, steam, or barbecue. 



Stay tuned for Part 2! Where we will introduce you to the must-have outdoor cooking essentials and where we reveal tips & tricks for beginning BBQ lovers.


  • Elaina D'Agostino

    Thank you for mentioning how charcoal grills are affordable, portable, and could be taken with us if we ever want to go camping. My brother loves barbeque, so I’m sure he’d take a grill with him if he had the option to do so. I’ll suggest this type to him when he decided to buy a new grill this month.

  • Taylor Abrams

    Omg, so glad you said that a bullet smoker can be the best option for you if your garden or balcony has a little amount of room. My friend and I are thinking of the perfect wedding gift for our super outdoorsy friend who’s getting married this summer. We feel like an outdoor kitchen appliance will be perfect considering how much they both love to cook. We’ll have to look into the barbecue equipment store though and see more options than the ones you provided here.

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